Total Lunar Eclipse of Feb 20, 2008

I joined Jay Friedland and presented a fun evening at Sky Park in Scotts Valley for some San Lorenzo Valley home school groups. Weather was grim and I feared we see nothing at all, but the families showed up just the same and in the end it was quite an enjoyable evening with the kids learning all about eclipses, the planets, and seeing the total eclipsed moon after all.

The rising moon stayed behind clouds all through the initial partial phases, and a pot luck dinner was the main focus

What a great group of kids!

Enough smiles and energy to power through all but the worst weather

Jay preps the gang on making a scale model of the inner solar system

The moon finally penetrates (sort of) through the thick cirrus here at mid-totality. Jay green-laser'ed the dim moon

Great Fx! - a 1-sec pan exposure plus flash

Total eclipse, through way too much cloud cover, with the Dimage A1 camera at 7x zoom and ISO 800, hand held w/ stabilization on.

The end of the show. Clouds closed in for good just after the end of totality.

Eric got this great shot from Campbell. The 120" Shane telescope dome at Mt. Hamilton is silhouetted against the bottom of the moon. (Copyright - all rights reserved)