A balmy winter day, and a beautiful conjunction as the thin 4% crescent moon passed in front of the double star Beta Capricorn at sunset, with a skinny 1% sunlit Venus below, and the intense blue and scarlet colors of sunset reflecting off the low tide sand at the main beach of Santa Cruz. I biked down to the overlook on East Cliff, above the San Lorenzo River mouth, and captured the scene with my Nikon D7000.

A man and his good friend, playing fetch in the surf

Couples and friends enjoy the low tide at sunset.

Beta Capricorn has just reappeared a couple of minutes ago, on the bright side of the moon. This was an extreme crop, and the thumbnail made by just changing pixels/inch to 72. click to see the 300dpi version

The lights of the Dream Inn reflecting off the sand

The iconic Giant Dipper, famous from the movie "The Lost Boys", reflected in the quiet tidelands of the San Lorenzo River.

10mm fisheye shot (out of focus, so no closeup!)



Twilight ending; the moon above Beta Capricorn, and left of Alpha Capricorn, at 200mm zoom, cropped

It's 2014... the world it's a changin'. But I'm still feeling good, and looking forward to more explorations with friends and with Nature.