Occultation of 9.0 Star by Oenone, Carrizo Plain, CA

Oct 17, 2015

This event is being targeted by the IOTA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. I plan to try to get data from Carrizo Plain. The Astro 28 campsite is track=+4.7 km North and I've officially claimed that track on OW. It's decently spaced between the other 36 tracks claimed.


Notes: In C2A, use slider at very bottom of page to change star sizes. RightClick to revert to default.


This is the view from the 22mm eyepiece, roughly, and properly reversed but North up instead of horizon view

44 Psc is upper left


Tracks for the 37 announced stations. I'm track +4.7km north, at our usual Astro 28 campsite.

Track +4.7km goes pretty close to our Astro 28 campsite in the Caliente Mtns.