This asteroid event was a biggy - Patroclus is a double asteroid, so we had the chance to measure the shape of each asteroid in a clearly an object with an interesting history. The problem for me was that I was returning from June Lake and Yosemite where I was helping conduct a nature photography workshop with Dave Wyman and Ken Rockwell. I also planned to do a long run at high altitude and so didn't feel like doing a long drive towards the centerline in southern Salinas Valley immediately after getting back into Santa Cruz. Science-wise, it wasn't necessary; IOTA had a big turnout, including Scotty D and his line of mighty mini's, and Dunham's as well. It looked like there was a good chance of getting the northern component from Aptos, and the star was bright, so all looked good.

I got in my run in Toulemne Meadows up towards Vogelsang and got back on the road. Got into Santa Cruz area by 7:30pm, but ran into fog coming through Hwy 129 east of Watsonville. I did some quick math and figured my best plan B to get above the fog was to stop at Cabrillo Observatory on the way home, pick up all the scope and video gear, and get my observations from up Empire Grade wherever it cleared. I showered, fixed dinner, picked up my video gear, and drove up High Street and Empire Grade, climbing above the low fog at Cave Gulch, and pulling over at the Upper Meadow mtn bike crossing.

Here is where I set up for the occultation. "x" marks the spot; next to the locked gate.

Latitude: 37deg 01' 04.09"
Longitude: 122deg 04min 45.25sec
elev 1122 ft
Track 5.74km south of the red line

All went well... video too. But, it was a miss. I watched the video twice, and there were no drop outs. My track was similar to Derek's, and we both had a miss.

As it turned out, the asteroids were a bit north of the centerline, and not offset north-south very much. The Bay Area astronomers were north of the paths, as the sky plot shows