Pleiades Occultation, Electra Graze, Io/Europa Occultation - Aug 14, 2009

Post Trip Photo Page

The best Pleiades occultation of the current series, for the West Coast, occurs the late evening of Thursday, Aug 13/14. A spectacular graze of 3.7 magnitude Elecktra is the highlight for the Bay Area. The graze occurs at 17 degrees altitude in the east, 6 degrees from the northern cusp and has a very good profile promising lots of events. The path goes through Half Moon Bay, and Castro Valley. Here's the prediction sheet.

The profile is best at 0.7 mi S. See the new profile generated from Kaguya mission data here.


Here's the path on GoogleEarth, with 1mi S labelled at the upper right corner.

Sunshine Circle site, 0.74 mi south. .