I'd originally thought about driving up to the Oregon border to get the graze of Regulus. But, then I realized it was on the bright limb, and my schedule got pretty busy too - tearing down the observatory, multiple grant proposals, stock market going haywire... you get the picture. So I stayed home, set the alarm, and got out onto the driveway of my apartment complex for a few pictures using the Dimage A1. I wish this camera had a better capability of focusing at infinity carefully. I ran the focus ring all the way over to infinity, but perhaps it's beyond infinity? I have to work harder on this - Regulus is clearly out of focus, and settings were at f/3.5, one stop down from wide open. So, the pictures below are inferior; way over-sharpened and smoothed in Photoshop, but the raw material doesn't justify any more work. In the title picture, that's Saturn below the moon, and Regulus just peeks above the glare of the overexposed moon.