Cabrillo Astronomy Shopping List

8.25% tax this '13 fy.

-- mini-DVR $88.50 + tax 8.25% =$7.30 = $95.80 total. no shipping fees to U.S. from . This YouTube shows the unit up close. TF card looks smaller than SD card. The video calls it a microSD card and thinks the Chinese are calling it a TF card. TF-to-SD adapter $4 at DX.COM Don't use the charger - it's not safe and total junk. It'll charge off USB into the DVR itself. Wait; make sure you get the version that saves in .avi format. Chris Angelos says he has been fine with the Supercircuits DVR. DVR and VTI for second occn station for students - Richard Nugent: I would highly recommend the ebay mini DVR's with the 2.5" screen (all digital). I have had two of them, and have recorded over 750 videos (mostly double star drifts). These DVR's are the size of a credit card and 2cm thick and use SD cards. A 4 gig SD card will provide 5 hours of video. They record in AVI format directly readable by Limovie and Tangra with no conversions necessary. (File format conversions do run the risk of data loss/ changes) Here's a sample 67-second video of a double star drifting with GPS time insertion on my you tube account: The file size of this 67-sec clip was 2.4 Meg. Thus a 5 minute video (typical for occultations) would generate a 11 Meg file size--highly manageable for our applications. This You Tube video was degraded in quality after I uploaded it. This here YouTube from a British sounding reviewer is pretty complete, but not for astronomy

For FY 16/17...
* 5mm CS-to-C rings
* RJ45/Serial connector for firmware upgrades to iOptron
* new battery for Dell Latitude E6510
* big Li-Ion battery for powering field equipment, including hairdryer
* Pentax K30 or K50 camera
* Look for more desiccant canisters for SBIG cameras
* Solar filter for GTF81
* duplicate lock for metal shed
* reticle eyepiece for centering stars in lx200gps

Mars Map $10.

-Orion Skyline laser and bracket $99.99 plus tax, shipping
-download cable for Meade LX200gps autostar . And here's how to set it to allow 2-star alignment
-BLM Maps of California, here

-Lazy Susan, and supports for smaller Dobs at Home Depot.
- frame grabber for video cameras connected directly to computer

Already Bought, but keep the info links just because...

-iOptron GEM mount , with solid review. Could use with Vixen-style dovetail and 80mm ShortTube for good remote occn with second PC165DNR.
...........cost $399 + $59 polar scope. iOptron mini mount is $299 but only 7.7lb capacity, vs 11lb for iOp GEM mount. Orion ST80 OTA weight 3.4lb. Nikon D7000 1.6 lb body only.
-iOptron tracker
--Wide Angle or fisheye lens comparisons note that D7000 does have a built-in autofocus (AF) motor.
  Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5: 5inch min focus, 180deg FOV. Ken Rockwell's review , Photozone

-Camera case for D7000. $37 CaseLogic Sling , and Amazon's version might be better see Richard Drew comparison
-32GB Sandisk UH10 SD card for D7000
*x Autostar II for lx200gps
* Moonlight focuser
*x AstroTech 8" f/4 Newtonian
*x short focal length Dob.... Orion XT10, instead of, Meade 10" f/5 Lightbridge $740 ...

* replacement battery(s) for Inspiron computer
* new 12VDC Gellcell

Theft Replacement:
Extension tube for GTF8 at Adorama $28
Owl 0.5x and extension ring (Owl's no longer responsive)