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Mar 27-30 Friday-Monday - backpack in Utah with Steve K, in planning.

Mar 28 Sat morn 2:18am - Graze of 3.6 star 6n 60+ moon 8 deg above horizon 21mi south of Nevada city, followed by occn of 12.1 star by Valentine, in similar place, at 3:30am.

Mar 29 Sun morn 12:30am - Occultation of 7.7 star from Yosemite and NW, and Las Vegas, and at 2:45am Occultation of 12.2 star by Leonteus, from East Bay, Cabrillo close to southern limit

Apr 1 Wed eve 9pm - Occultation of 10.7 by double asteroid Antiope - a big event - wide path St George to Tahoe, Sacto on south limit area. Estimated components and path map. Prepoint Star List. Perhaps get on way back from Utah backpack with Steve, in Nevada? Or trip from SC to Sierra Foothills with more of my team. It's in Easter Break. 13 deg from 95% moon, so not easy.

Apr 4 Sat morn; Total lunar eclipse 4am, only 5min of totality. 10.3 graze near Ponderosa cmpg. 10.9 graze at Carrizo Plain and 2n of Mojave.

Apr 12 Sun morn: 5am 7.7 graze 46- moon from Russian River

Apr 17 - Due date for revised Astro PP to Dean
Apr 17 Fri - Karl's "backyard astronomer" session #1

Apr 20 Mon 1-2pm - Meeting with new Grants Manager 1-2pm

Apr 22 Wed eve 9:30pm - Graze of 8.3 5N 23+ from about Karl's place on Highland Way.

Apr 24 Fri -9:30-9:50am CIP for Astro Program Plan.
Apr 24 Fri - Karl's "backyard astronomer" session #2

May 5 5:25am - occultation of 4.1 star 22n 98- moon.

May 7-10 Thur-Sun - UCLA Sierra Club reunion adventure at McGee Creek

May 21 6:30pm - graze of 3.6 star on 17+ moon in daylight

Oct 2 - Occultation of Aldebaren at sunrise on 74- moon.

Dec 7 - Occultation of Venus in daylight.


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