Events on the Cabrillo Astronomy Calendar

As of Mar 17, 2017. Check out past events here.

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Mar 25 Sat 12:18am - Occultation of 12.1 star from Carrizo Plain, but low odds. Maybe try if CLK wants to go to Laguna Mtn. see OW.

Mar 26 Sun - 10K Race w/ Ferrell in Morgan Hill

Mar 31-Apr 1 Fri-Sat - photography/cycling trip to Carrizo Plain with the Wymans

Apr 6 Thur eve at 6:45-9pm public Climate Talk at Erica Schilling Rm 450: "Post-IPCC Climate Science: A Darker Frame for our Options and Future "

Apr 13 Thur eve 10:50pm - Occultation of 12.4 by Aegle, from Yosemite.

Apr 20 Thur 5:36am - Occultation of 11.0 by Germania, watch from Cabrillo, low odds low altitude 22.

Apr 22 - Earth Day local march and speeches

Apr 23 - Sun eve 9pm. Occultation of 12.6 by Aidama from Cabrillo.

Apr 28 Thur 8am - Daylight occn of Aldebaren

Apr 30 Sat - Chico Wildflower Century

May 21 - Bay to Breakers 10K; already registered

Jun 17 Sat - Double DipSea Run

Jun 20 10am - Daylight graze of 4.1 16- moon from Santa Cruz

Jun 22 - Thur - dawn occultation of Aldebaren on 4- moon

Aug 19 - Sat: Pikes Peak Ascent - already registered.

Aug 21 - Mon morning: Total Solar Eclipse, from Jackson Hole, WY or Madras Oregon. Planning page.

Aug 21-25 Flex Week, Aug 28 First day of classes

Sept 9-10 Sat and Sun - IOTA Annual meeting in Carson City

Sept 11 Mon 11pm - Occultation of 9.0 star by Germania
Sep 12 Tue 4:30am
- Occultation of Aldebaren, 59- moon.

Sep 13 Wed 2am - Graze of 6.7 10n 48- moon from Hollister

Sep 17 Sun morn dawn - Graze of 7.9 8n 8- moon at 22alt, sun-10, at Huddert Park, Crane Flats, June Lake

Oct 15 Sun morn 6am - Graze of 7.2 5n 18- moon from Half Moon Bay, Midpines, and occultation of Regulus at moonrise.

Nov 11 8:42am - daylight occn of Regulus

Nov 24 Fri eve - Graze of 4.1 3s 34+ moon from near Johannesburg in desert; T-day weekend.

Dec 3 Sun morn 6:35am- Graze of Aldebaren from entrance to Lassen, 3 deg altitude on 100% moon

Dec 30 afternoon occultation of Aldebaren on 93+ moon.

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