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Sep 14/15 Sun eve spend night at the Observatory tweeking scope, then Mon morning 6am - Occultation of 9.7 star by Prymno from Santa Cruz, rank 77. Derek's map. Sun -13 . Odds at Cabrillo are 30%, but at Bonny Doon are 43%.

Sep 17 Wed morn 2am - Occultation of 11.9 star by Mabella, from Lost Coast, Santa Cruz 2 sigma south. Odds in Aptos are only 1%.

Sep 17 Wed eve 11:56pm - Occultation of 7.7 star by Alkmene, from Pt Reyes to White Mtns, Grandview Campground is at track -111s with odds 37%, and at Hwy 120/395 intersection at track -65s and 56 % odds, so the choice will be between good odds, and some sleep. One advantage of stopping near Mono lake is some early astrophotography, and also we could set up two stations with video more easily than the rush and perhaps run out of time going for Grandview. New plan is to try from Bay Area, but odds only 6% from Aptos.

Sep 17-21 Thur-Sunday - at Barcroft Laboratory in White Mtns

Sept 25 - Thur morn 4am - Occultation of 10.5 star by Amalia from Santa Cruz, rank=33.

Sept 28 - Sunday 3:40am - Occultation of 12.2 star by Cornelia from Russian River; SC is 2-sigma south.

Sep 28 - Sun Santa Cruz Triathlon at Depot Park

Sep 28 Sun eve CTV on Pacific Ave - I and Joe Jordan are on panel discussion on climate future with Guy McPherson. 7pm broadcast, (I should arrive at 6pm)

Oct 1 - Wed eve 7:57pm - Occultation of 12.2 star by Latetia, wide path, high rank, SC just south of southern limit. Only 6 degrees away from 53% waxing moon. near NGC 6645 OC. Then, Oct 2 Thur morn 4am - Occultation of 10.0 star by Kilia, from Russian River, Cabrillo is 2.5 sigma south.

Oct 4 Sat 5:40am - Occultation of 11.0 by Terpsicore from Santa Cruz - 'sure thing' it looks like. Less than 1 degree from M37.

Oct 4 Sat 11:17pm - Occultation of 11.4 star by Euterpe, from Santa Cruz - another "sure thing" high rank.

Oct 6 Mon eve 7:43pm - Occultation of 12.3 star by Circe, odds less than 50% from here, and during Astro 7 class

Oct 8 Wed morn 3am - Total Eclipse of the Moon. mag 10.5 graze from near Half Moon Bay just after totality ends.

Oct 8 Wed eve - Full moon feast w/ John B.

Oct 11 Sat 9am-3pm Astro 27 Pre-Trip lecture in Planetarium 706a.
Oct 11 11am-1pm - STEM Expo for STEM programs, see email 9/3

Oct 12 Sun 1am - Occultation of 11.7 star by Hypatia from Carrizo Plain, high rank. But 82% moon 35 deg away. And 10.4 occn by Octavia from Ukiah 5:30am

Oct 14 Tue eve 9:14pm - Occultation of 10.1 star by Elinor, from Santa Cruz, during Astro 8A , 33 deg altitude in dark sky

Oct 17-19 - Astro 27/Geo 27 at Pinnacles National Park

Oct 20 - Mon eve 9:22pm - Occultation of 11.3 star by Henrietta, from Santa Cruz, high rank, but only 22 minutes after Astro 7. Maybe get Becky or Duncan or Chris Angelos to man the observatory after you open up before class? Hard logistics.

Oct 23 - afternoon partial eclipse of the sun, about 50% max loss

Nov 1 - Astronomy Program Plan due

====================================== 2015 ==========================================

Sat Mar 7 9am-noon Astro 28Q pre-trip meeting

Mar 13-15 - Astro 28Q "Field Astronomy in the Eastern Sierra / High Desert"

Sat eve Mar 21 at twilight; 6.5+10.6 wide binary both graze at 4n 4+ moon at 5 deg alt. Carmel Beach, 4 miles south of Pinnacles and top of San Benito Mtn

Mar 28 Sat morn 2:18am - Graze of 3.6 star 6n 60+ moon 8 deg above horizon 21mi south of Nevada city.

Apr 4 Sat morn; Total lunar eclipse 4am, only 5min of totality.. 10.3 graze near Ponderosa cmpg. 10.9 graze at Carrizo Plain and 2n of Mojave.

Apr 12 Sun morn: 5am 7.7 graze 46- moon from Russian River



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