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Oct 4 Sun - Mt Diablo Challenge bike race

Oct 8 Thur 7pm - Scout house at Havery West Park: SC Astro Club - Al Smith and Astro-Imaging

Oct 13 Tue eve 8:17pm - Occultation of 12.7 star by Bertholda near M25, with good odds centrally across Santa Cruz. then at 10:33pm - Occultation of 10.3 star by Mercedes, from Tres Pinos centerline, 34% odds. 11% at Cabrillo.

Oct 15-17 Thur-Sat - UCSC Global Climate Justice Seminar

Oct 16 Fri 3am - Occultation of 10.4 star by Kaho, from Marin Hostel, Aptos on 1.6-sigma, odds low.

Oct 16-18: IOTA Conference in Las Vegas

Oct 17 Sat morning - Occultation of 9.0 star by Oenone, from Carrizo Plain and Las Vegas, NV. Carrizo campsite is 7.2km north of centerline.

Oct 18 Sun eve 9pm - Graze of 7th mag Cepheid WZ Sag, from fields south of Watsonville. Planning page

Oct 22 Thur morn 3:15am - Occultation of 11.5 star by Eukrate, high rank, from southern Carrizo Plain.

Nov 7 Sat 10:20UT - Occultation of 10.5 star by Theobalda, centrally across Aptos, good rank.

Nov 11 Wed morn 4:45am - Occultation of star by Otillia, from Pt. Reyes hostel, Aptos 2.2 sigma south.

Nov 21 Sat - 6:45am reg begins for vols: Turkey Trot SCTC 10k run

Nov 21 Saturday - "Climate Changes Everything" seminar at Calvary church

Nov 22 Sunday - 1pm at Clock Tower: Climate speaking in support for Paris Summit

Dec 7 - Occultation of Venus in daylight.

Dec 13 Sun eve sunset - Graze of 8.5 on 7% moon, 10 deg alti, from Fremont Peak, could be a beauty to watch on a skinny crescent. Follow up with Geminid meteor shower. Planning page


Jan 2 Sat morn - Graze of 7.2 5s 47- from Marin Hostel, and near Hayward.

Jan 11 Mon eve - Graze of 8.5 -2s of 5+ moon, 12 alt, from Carrizo Plain campsite.

Feb 6 Sat morn - Graze of 7.7 0.3s of 5- moon, 11 alt, sun-8. From Ponderosa campground itself, if horizon OK.

Feb 12 Fri eve - Graze of 9.5 4n 26+ alt=11, from Ballarat; DV Running Adventure weekend?

Feb 15 Mon eve - Good daylight graze of 3.7 star 6s 58+ sun +18 from Carrizo Plain - President's weekend possible fun trip.

Mar 16 Wed morn 12:49am - Graze of 5.9 6n 56+ alt=10, from near Hayward, CA.

Mar 19 Sat 2pm - Pre-trip for Pinnacles Astro 27

Apr 8-10 Fri-Sun - Astro 27/Geo 27 Pinnacles Field class at Pinnacles National Park.



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