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Apr 14/15 Mon/Tue midnight - Total eclipse of the moon. 8.1 mag graze 79U through Aptos during deep partial phase. Here's my planning page with maps, profile, etc.

Apr 22 Tue morn 4am - Occn R of 3.1 mag Beta Cap on 48- moon.

Apr 26 Sat eve 9:40pm - Occultation of 12.2 star by Marconia, from Chico (where I'll be!), but do I have room for occn gear and scope with bikes too???

Apr 27 Sunday - Chico Wildflower Century ride

May 4 Sunday - Wildflower triathlon

May 23/24 midnight Sat - Meteor shower 100-1000+ per hour.

May 31 9:30pm - Occn of 3.6 Lambda Gem on 11+ moon, sun -12, nice photo op

July 5 5pm - Daylight conjunction Mars and 56+ moon. Graze from San Diego. Photo op.

Aug 16 - Pike's Peak Marathon

Sep 13 Saturday. morn dawn - occultation of 5.8 star by Ellington, from Mt. Lassen. Rank 26 then occultation of 12.3 star by Arsinoe from Russian River, rank 88. sun -13

Sep 15 Mon morning 6am - Occultation of 9.7 star from Santa Cruz, rank 77. sun -13

Oct 4 5:40am - Occultation of 11.0 by Terpsicore from Santa Cruz - 'sure thing' it looks like.

Oct 8 Wed morn 3am - Total Eclipse of the Moon. mag 10.5 graze from near Half Moon Bay just after totality ends.

Oct 17-19 - Astro 27/Geo 27 at Pinnacles National Park

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Sat Mar 7 9am-noon Astro 28Q pre-trip meeting

Mar 13-15 - Astro 28Q "Field Astronomy in the Eastern Sierra / High Desert"

Sat eve Mar 21 at twilight; 6.5+10.6 wide binary both graze at 4n 4+ moon at 5 deg alt. Carmel Beach, 4 miles south of Pinnacles and top of San Benito Mtn

Mar 28 Sat morn 2:18am - Graze of 3.6 star 6n 60+ moon 8 deg above horizon 21mi south of Nevada city.

Apr 4 Sat morn; Total lunar eclipse 4am, only 5min of totality.. 10.3 graze near Ponderosa cmpg. 10.9 graze at Carrizo Plain and 2n of Mojave.

Apr 12 Sun morn; 5am 7.7 graze 46- moon from Russian River

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