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Sept 29 Tue 3-5pm - DC + faculty meeting on PIE. See Sept 26 email for zoom link, but I'll be teaching Astro 7, so have to see recording later.

Sept 28 Mon morn 5am - Occultation of 12.5 by Ianthe (drop 0.7) from Carrizo Plain. Lots of LA and AZ observers have claimed chords. Good rank, campsite on centerline.

Sept 29 Tue eve 10:30pm - Occultation of 12.7 at 19 deg alt by Josephina, from campsite at Carrizo Plain. 1.9 mag dip. It's do-able. Pretty inconvenient time. Unlikely I'll try it. I didn't put it into OW.

Sept 30 Wed eve 9:41pm - Occultation of 12.1 by Io, 0.3 drop, Santa Cruz is on the centerline. high rank.

Oct 3 Sat morn 1:11am - Occultation of 12.7 by Thekla. mediocre rank, I'm on the path edge here. Decent odds and worth a try. 1.3 dip.

Oct 4 Sun morn 5:30am - Occultation of 9.4 by Leukothea, at 7 deg altitude from Carrizo Plain, but big moon.

Oct 8 Thur eve - 9:45pm - Occultation of 13.8 by Picka, alt=38, 4s duration, dip 1.1

Oct 9 Fri 3-4pm - Zoom session w/ Kathy on Pos Hours, with all DC's. See email of Sept 25 for link

Oct 10 Sat morn 4:20am - Graze of 8.1 11n of 45- moon from Locatelli meadow, Merced River 10n of Briceville, Coulterville, and Lee Vining

Oct 11 Sun morn 3:04am - Graze of 8.4 12n of 35- moon from 8n Ponderosa Campground, 20s Pinnacles near Laguna Mtn. 23alt.

Oct 15 Thur morn 1:05am - Occultation of 8.6 by Laetitia, from Pinnacles. High rank, 3% moon, good event

Oct 16 Fri morn 6am - Occultation of 11.7 by Begonia, from Carrizo Plain

Oct 19 Mon morn 5am - Occultation of 8.8 by Felicitas, from Pinnacles

Nov 6 Fri eve 11:30pm - Occultation of 12.1 by Chaldaea, from Pt Reyes. Astro 25? 65- moon.

Nov 9 Mon morn 12:44am - Graze of 3.5 9n 41- moon from Baker, 14s of Amboy.

Nov 11 Wed - Veteran's Day Holiday

Nov 15 Sun eve 9:54pm - Occultation of 9.6 star by Ophelia
from path edges Carrizo Plain and Mt Laguna. New moon.

Nov 28 Saturday 12:18am - Occultation of 9.1 by Bettina, from Santa Cruz.

Nov 30 Monday - Deep penumbral lunar eclipse. Worth some photos.

Dec 8 Tue morn 6am - Graze of 4.0 on 43- moon 10n,

Dec 19 - end of semester

Dec 12 Saturday 1pm - Occultation of 91% sunlit Venus on 5- moon.

Dec 14 - Total solar eclipse from Chile

Dec 21 - Rare Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction: And only 6' apart! Best from West Coast of U.S.


Apr 17 Sat eve 9:00pm - Graze of 7.3 5n 29+ moon 45alt, from Grant County Park near Lick, or Mtn Home State Park in Sierra's
Apr 17 Sat eve . 11:40pm - Graze of 7.1 5n 30+ moon 16 alt, from 12s Arnold, in Stanislaus River camp area

May 9 Sun morn - 7:19am Graze of 4.5 0s of 4- moon at 23alt and sun at 14alt, from 18n Pinnacles.

May 26 Wed morn - 4:30am Total Lunar Eclipse. Totality lasts only 14 minutes.

Aug 6 Fri aft 1:43pm - Graze of 3.3 -3.3s of 3- moon from Santa Cruz

Aug 18 Wed eve 7:37pm - Graze of 2.1 (Nunki?) 15n of 86+ from Santa Cruz, or J-Tree if you want darker sky. Sun +3 in Santa Cruz

Sep 5 Sun aft 2:20pm - Graze of 3.5 6n 2- moon from Russian River, and Mineral King (Sequoia Nat Park). Maybe Astro 25 and get it on the drive home??

Sep 14 Tue eve 11:41pm - Graze of 3.2 4s 65+ moon from 5s of Pinnacles , alt=11

Oct 2 Sat morn 4:50am - Graze of 8.0 11n 18- moon 22alt from 12s of Ponderosa Cmpgrnd Big Sur and 2n of Mineral King

Nov 19 Thur eve - 97% partial lunar eclipse. Almost total. High in sky from Santa Cruz

Nov 19 Fri eve 11:40pm - Graze of 4.2 14n 99- 8mi north of Paso Robles xx





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