2011 Astro Events

Feb 3 Thur eve 10pm - Occultation of 7.8 star by Vladimir, from Santa Cruz. Results: Got a solid video at Cabrillo Observatory....of a miss. My IOTA Report

Mar 25-27 Fri-Sun: Astro 28C "Field Astronomy - Lunar Graze in the High Desert " Results: A great trip, and a (marginally) successful graze. Post Trip photos will appear here.

Apr 9 Sat eve: Graze of 3.5+6.1 Eta Geminorum from Farmington, on 39+ moon. Results: Very successful graze, with Chris Kitting and team from Stockton. Photo page coming soon.

June 7 Thur eve: A night at Cabrillo Observatory with Erin, doing imaging of distant supernovae. Results: An excellent night. M51 and NGC 3927.

June 23 Thur morn: Occultation of 14.6 star by Pluto, from Mexico and perhaps California: Results: Fogged out here, after verifying that 3 sec integrations would give OK S/N on ST2000xcm on 12" the night before. Occn was observed, and it was a miss from Santa Cruz. No webpage from me.

July 16-18: IOTA Summer Conference at Rocklin's Sierra College Results: Good meeting with colleagues and friends. Here's my page on Rocklin Meeting

July 19 3:24am: Occultation of 6.7 star by Antiope, part of IOTA meeting. Here's IOTA's special page. I've taken track -95, prelim site at Locatelli Meadow. Here's my webpage on the meeting itself. Results: I got delayed by running from fog, and got no data - here's my page on the adventure. But there was a big success in general from our team.

Aug 14 Sun eve 11:42pm - Occultation of 11.3 star by Kalahari, from Santa Cruz, 32 deg from 98% moon. Observe from Karl's - that's the plan. Results: Got a good video recording, but star was blue and very VERY dim. Will take Tangra to try and pull it out. Similar story from Derek Breit.

Sept 2-4 Fri-Sun Tri Valley Stargazers star party at Glacier Point. Results: I spoke to the crowds on Saturday night, we shows them the stars, and did astrophotography all night. Photo page to come.

Sep 23-25 Fri-Sun: Astro 27/Geo 27 "Field Astronomy at the Pinnacles" course. Results: Good weekend, partly clear skies both nights. Trip photos courtesy of Kirk Bender.

Sept 30-Oct 2: "Astro 28D Field Astronomy - Comet Studies at Mono Hot Springs " built around the following astronomical events: Oct 1 Sat morn 3:40am: Occultation of 10.7 star by Automedon from Tahoe. 18% odds at Mono Hot Springs. 22% moon, rank=40. Results: A great trip, good mix of students, got some astrophotography as well as hiking, lecturing, hot spring'ing. Photo page will happen sometime soon.

Nov 7 10:18pm Mon eve: Occultation of 8.6 star by Quadea, uncertain diameter and odds. Scientifically important. Right after Mon eve astro class, but new odds are only 6%. Results: Lucked out! Got a 1.79 sec occultation, as did Derek Breit over the hill. The story is here.

Nov 8 eve: Passage of NEO asteroid YU55; biggest asteroid (1/3 km) to pass this close (2/3 lunar distance) in over 30 years. Results: Got dozens of photos from the 12" in the dome with my Astro 8A students. Processed one and sent it on to KION TV and they broadcast it on the 10pm and 11pm news. Here's the story.

Nov 24 Thur eve 11:29pm: Occultation of 11.0 star by Ausonia, (10.3 combined) from Santa Cruz and Bay Area, good rank. Thanksgiving night. I had OW plan me for Locatelli Meadow, where odds are 66%, however I'll be driving from Karl's and so will instead try from Castle Rock. Results: South shift but I was still in the path. Got a good D and flakey R, described here.

Dec 20 Tue eve 7:45pm - Occultation of 10.3 star by Tugela from Monterey, SC inside 1sig zone, rank=48. Results: Got a 4.6 sec occultation, 40 sec late! Here's the story page.

Dec 29 Thur eve 7:15pm Thur eve - Occultation of 10.3 star by Siemesa from Santa Cruz north and Bay Area. Good rank. I've set in OW that I'll get it from Locatelli Meadow, to not duplicate Derek's chord. Results: Got a 3 sec occultation from the observatory, with Duncan and Gene. Here's the story.