2012 Astro Events

Jan 5 Thur eve 11:08pm - Occultation of 3.4 Alpha Tri stay at Cabrillo Observatory. Results: A miss, videorecorded. Student Gene Salamin watched from the warm room on the Orion ShortTube TV screen, confirmed miss. Here's my page on it.

Jan 12 Thur morn 1:19am - Occultation of 11.2 star by Fedynskij from Santa Cruz. 89% moon 19 deg away. Results: A miss video recorded, after an evening of imaging with Gene Salamin. Here's the story.

Mar 20 Tue eve 8:15pm PDT - Occultation of 10.5 star by Ausonia, sun -12, rank 95, right across Cabrillo Observatory. Astro 8A night. Results: Occultation seen on 12" CCD on 1sec focus mode, about 1.5-2 sec duration.

Mar 23-25 - Astro 28K - Field Astronomy at Carrizo Plain: Measuring the Size of an Asteroid. Sun morn 2am; Occultation of 12.2 star by Heidelberga from Carrizo Plain. Rank=80, 51% odds at our Carrizo camp site on the ridge. Results: Great trip, but Heidelberga rained out.

Apr 7 Sat night 8:38pm - Occultation of 12.7 combined (drop=1.0) by Loreley, high rank but SC on southern limit. Results: Observed w/ 12" CCD and CCDSoft for autosave, and 2.8 sec duty cycle on 1-sec image saves. No dimming on any images; Derek a few km north of me had a miss also.

Apr 20-22 Fri-Sun - Astro 27/Geo 27 Pinnacles Field Astronomy course. Results: Clean clear skies both nights.

May 10 Thur eve - 7pm at Scout House at Harvey West Park; SCAC meeting and my talk on Hayabusa Mission and my ground team efforts

May 18-20 - Annular eclipse of the sun at 6-7pm Sunday evening, 18 deg altitude, from near Colusa w/ IOTA team. My planning page. Results: Team got very successful video at southern annularity limit at Waldo Jct, CA. Photo page

June 5 Tue afternoon till sunset - Transit of Venus. In progress during sunset, Results: Beautiful! A great day of commiserating with local astro types, and great photography. See the story here.

June 28 Thur eve - Occultation of 10.1 star by DiMartino, from Santa Cruz. Poor rank; 13% odds. Results: fogged out. Derek says he got a short event not far from me, so it may have been a hit here. We shall never know...

Jul 21 Sun morn 2:10am - Occultation of 12.3 star by 12.2 by Arsinoe, from Santa Cruz and north. 6% moon, altitude 16 deg in west. Results: camped overnight at the observatory, spent a couple of hours powering up the 12" and seeing the event would clip the trees on the southwest ridge, but might be doable. Too dim, so get as a star trail using the 'guide' speed on Gemini - gives a trail about half a length of the CCD ST2000xcm chip. But when I got up at 1:50am, fog was rolling in. Altitude foiled Derek's attempt.

Aug 13 Wed 1:30pm - Occultation of Venus by the 15- moon. 45% Venus high in the western sky. Results: Got some photos using the Nikon D40 and a couple after the R through the 8". Will post page when I get time.

Sept 14-16 - Astro 28H Field Astronomy at Mt. Lassen / SETI Radio Observatory Results: Big success once again. Good weather, 25" Dob from JP, boiling mud pots - what more could a student ask for? Pix will be done when I get a chance.

Oct 13-15 - Astro 27/Geo Field Astronomy at Pinnacles National Monument. Results: Two clear nights. Kirk provided extra scope'age. Got in 16 miles of running too. Here's the photo page , all photos courtesy of Kirk Bender

Oct 25 Thur eve 9:00pm - Graze of 6.3 13s 86% moon from Steve Wozniak's old place, or BD Airport, or Lexington Reservoir. 9:13pm the ISS passes across the moon. Calsky shows ISS path. Here's my webpage with all the links and maps . Results: The ISS transit was not possible with our video equipment moon is saturated even w/ pc164c manual gain on lowest setting. We focused on the graze, from Bonny Doon Airport - 17 D's and R's. Great evening of astronomy, and a few photos. Will post when I get a chance.