2018 Astro Events


Jan 24 Wed eve 9pm - Graze of 4.3 in Los Gatos and San Mateo coast. Results: We'd planned a big confab for this, the brightest graze of the year for Bay Area IOTA'rs. We'd planned along Los Gatos Creek in San Jose, but enthusiasm faded with the weather, and in the end it was rained out

Jan 31 Wed morn 4-6am - Total Lunar Eclipse. Results: Went to UCSC Upper Meadow with Kirk for photography. My photo page

Mar 16-18 Fri-Sun - Astro 25 Field Astronomy course, to Laguna Mtn. Results: Cold, wild weather, but we did get clear skies Saturday night, and a rain-free hike to Laguna Gorge waterfall. Photopage.

Mar 26 Mon morn 6am - Occultation of 11.2 by Thisbe, drop 0.8, from Santa Cruz and the planning and results page Results: Got a ~4 sec occultation recorded in clear skies from home

Mar 27 Tue eve 8:38pm - Occultation of by Rockefellia 12.9 combined, 18% odds from home. Planning and results page Results: Got a ~3 sec occultation recorded in clear skies, from home, during Spring Break.

Apr 17 Tue eve 9:30pm - Occultation of 9.1 by the asteroid Whitford, low rank, try from Santa Cruz. Results: had a "no observation" from home, as clouds frustrated acquiring the star.

Apr 26 9:16pm - Occultation by Priscilla of 11.8, from Monterey Bay area. 12.8% odds but worth a try since I'll be at home anyway. Results: Got a video recording. A miss.

May 3 Thur 10pm -Occultation of 11.3 by Virginia, from Bay Area, high rank, good event. Planning Page Results: Scope got banged during packing, and it refused to power up after arriving at Alum Rock Park. It can't be operated manually, so that was the end of that effort.

Jun 7 Thur eve 11:46pm - Occultation of 12.5 star by Sinope, low rank, Jupiter outer moon. Planning and results page : Results: equipment trouble, no observation

Jul 7 Sat 10:20pm - Occultation of 14.9 by KBO Quaoar, from US. Altitude 33, central CA inside southern limit, as is most of the U.S. Results: A miss, Planning and Results

Jul 10 Tue eve 10:33pm - Occultation of v=11.8 star by Pulcova and its 19km satellite (?). High rank from Santa Cruz near centerline. Planning and results page Results: A 17 sec successful recording

Jul 13 Fri eve 11:48pm - Occultation of 9.3 by Christa, high rank, across Carrizo Plain, a bit south of Trail of 100 Giants, but Chimney Pk campsite inside path and probably good. Target not too hard to find, in the "teaspoon" of Sagittarius Results: Cloud covered just moments before the event, then cleared. No data

Jul 13-15 - Astro 25 "Field Astro in the Calif Mtns" - at Chimney Peak

Aug 7-11 - Astrophotography and bristlecone studies at Barcroft Research Station-EBAS , and Research Facilities Results: Photo page and story

Aug 14 - Tue eve 10:30pm. Occultation of 12.9 star by Pluto. Northern limit across Central CA. Latest path looks good for getting the data from here and FPO. Planning page and Results Results: A successful video recording from Fremont Peak's 30" Challenger Telescope!