The Theobalda Occultation - Planning Page

Sat morn - Nov 7, 2015

A relatively bright star, passing through the Bay Area on a weekend - with tolerably good rank. It looks like we'll have several asteroid occultationists on board for this one. I plan to be at Cabrillo Observatory, which is at track -2.0 km. Other local observers are:

Rick Baldridge: at (Foothill observatory??)
Derek Breit: at track xxxxxxxxxx
Richard Nolthenius: track -2.0km at Cabrillo College Observatory
Walt Morgan?: track xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chris Kitting?: track xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Raymond: track xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Event at 2:21:47am PST Saturday morning, the star is mag 10.4 in Perseus, the duration max is 9 seconds. The star altitude is 75 degrees and the star will go nearly overhead an hour before, so you need to use the diagonal and 1.25" adapter to enable getting this. That means an LR inversion in the star charts.

11 station tracks planned

C2A "field" chart, camera mounted no diagonal

C2A "field" chart, camera mounted w/ diagonal LR flipped

1:45am "horizon" chart, no diagonal

1:45am "horizon" chart, w/ Diagonal LR flipped


Hopefully I'll be able to set up Chris Angelos at the ST80 in the 'warm room' and I can go mobile. If so, these are the charts Chris will need...







Paul Maley's Stations

Maley's coming out from Texas for this one, and I've volunteered to help him with local site selection and logistics. In order to set things early, he's decided to go with the Castle Rock State Park site since it's THE most likely place to avoid fog, being at 3,000 ft elevation. He will want to set up an unattended site as well, ideally about 5 miles separated and not in conflict with other tracks. Update: Ted Swift planned two stations for Maley's effort.

The parking lot of Castle Rock State Park will have a perfect view, and be quiet that time of night. It's at track +16.56km North. The coordinates and elevation are shown on the image