This was the closest conjunction between these bright planets that I can remember. Only 20 arcmin apart at closest approach. I'd hoped to photograph it with some friends with the planets over the Boardwalk but fog came in at the last minute and I scurried up to the Gray Whale Ranch meadow at the upper end of UCSC. I did meet one other astro-imager. The goal now, to get some redwoods in the foreground, and perhaps get some nice fisheye pictures with the full moon over the meadow.

Except for the closeup, these shots were at ISO 400. All shot with Nikon D7000. The close-up was at ISO 1600, to cut the exposure and prevent trailing.

I wanted redwood trees and no city lights or power poles to sully my shots, and liked this frame for the pair. 2 second exposure. 20mm on the 18-200mm zoom.

Bike trails lead to the rising full moon

Cropped from 10mm fisheye shot, and heavily art-i-fied in Photoshop to give a creamy warm appearance. Fully moon meant night skies were blue instead of black.

18-200mm zoom, at 200mm, autofocused nicely by the brilliant planets

The constellation of Leo the Lion fills this frame, with Venus and Jupiter near the Leo/Cancer border

Fisheye lens, looking north. Polaris is just under the cloud, center.

Low pressure sodium lights from Silicon Valley light the distant cirrus on the left, and the full moon on the right