Watec 910HX Instructions for Occultation Use


This is to help the complete novice (like me!) get from opening the package, to having a working unit.

pdf manual

Gerhard Dangl 's webpage on the 910HX

call (888)-567-4294 to ask about their new paddle for controlling the OSD w/o touching the camera itself.

Here's the box my Watec-910HX came in

The back. Power in, and video out, and OSD (On-Screen Display) I/O leads.

Looks like a Phillips screwdriver is used to adjust the levels, in the little hole left of "LEVEL". Occultation people won't be using the auto iris attachment.


Nearly all adjustments are done by looking at the OSD (On-Screen Display) and moving the cursor through the menus there.

1. Buy a 12VDC cig lighter plug from the hardware store and strip off the far end to bare wire, and then solder those bare wires to the barrell plug enclosed in your box. Be sure the red (positive) is soldered to the CENTER lead. Plug it into a 12VDC source and now you can program your Watec

2. Press in the OSD wheel (="enter") and the OSD should appear on your monitor. Navigate using the wheel, which is up/down until you see a flashing option, then it functions as left/right, till you get to what you want, then press inward (="enter").

Here's what David Herald recommends for programming...