Graze of X76046 - July 27, 2008 UT

7.1 A0 star 12n of 30- moon at 54 deg altitude

This graze was part of the Astro 28Y class. We were lucky enough to have the path go perfectly through a campground suitable for our weekend. The conditions were excellent, with the exception of the sun altitude, only -4.5 degrees, and even with the PC 164C manual gain set as low as possible, the screen was very bright on the camcorder, but much darker and better on the TV screen. I observed it and video recorded it with Chris Kitting doing the same about 15 feet west of me, using his 130mm Tak refractor and Sony camcorder. Here's the profile, The path coordinates are here. NAD83 geographic coordinates of my site are below, from google Earth

W. Long. 119.011465

N. Lat: 37.721297

elev: 2370m

Datum:WGS 84

Method: PC164c at prime focus of 8" LXD75 at f/4 recorded on ZR45MC camcorder with Kiwi OSD time stamps. I carefully stepped through the miniDV tape and recorded the frame number of the events. No correction is made for WWV signal travel time.


begin 12:35:13UT

D 12:37:11.395 +- 0.008

R 12:37:26.582 +- 0.008

D 12:37:27.040 +- 0.008

R 12:37:28.045 +- 0.008

D 12:38:06.483 +- 0.008

R 12:38:07.020 +- 0.008

end taping 12:39:30