How to Download the Audio of a YouTube as MP3


* In a separate window, go to YouTube and your chosen YouTube and cut/grab the URL
* In your bookmarks click on and paste in the URL and click CONVERT
* You'll see an orange bar grow. takes about a minute to do a 90min long video.
* When done, you'll see it change to an orange DOWNLOAD box which you click, giving you a popup box of where to send the .mp3 file (to your 'music/mp3' folder)
* You'll see on your taskbar at bottom that one of your window icons is slowly turning green. Wait till it finishes
* Now it's fully downloaded into your music/mp3 folder.
* open iTunes on the laptop, if not already open.
* in iTunes, click file | add file to library and select the youtube mp3 you just created.
* in iTunes, now you'll see it in your library, and you can click on it and drag it over to the left into your iPhone. There'll be a blue progress bar at the top of that pop up window. Should go within seconds.

============= this way below doesn't seem to work any more, but I'll leave it for now. Method above better! No 55 minute limit==================================

You must have installed "Simple MP3 YouTube Button" add-on in Firefox

* Open the YouTube on your PC
* Underneath the title of the YouTube you'll see a box "download MP3"; click the box
* Navigate to where you want to store it, in "music" for easy synch to iPhone. At the moment, it's defaulting to Libraries\Music\My Music\MP3

Now to Transfer the mp3 to your iPhone 6SE

* with iPhone and PC connected by USB cable...
* open iTunes on the PC and in your music folder you should see the files that are already in your iTunes Library. You need to add your new files just downloaded so...
* in iTunes upper left click file / add to library and then highlight all you want to add.
* On the left sidebar you'll see your iPhone device as "Observatory's iPhone"
* left-click on the youtube file and drag it over left onto the "Observatory iPhone". a 10meg file transfers within a second .
It'll show up now in your 'music' or 'recent downloads' on iPhone after clicking the 'music' icon on the bottom of the desktop