A Summer Kayak on Elkhorn Slough - July 18, 2009

Steve Kruger was in town for a conference, and we felt like commune'ing with the seabirds and sea otters, so I hoisted my kayak on my RAV4 roof and rendezvous'ed at Moss Landing. There I put in near the power plant and somehow missed Steve until the very end of the paddle, as he was detained by the rental people with all sorts of formalities. But we both ended up having an enjoyable time paddling among the tidal byways, and had dinner at Phil's (well known chowder house in Moss Landing) afterward. All pictures are with the Dimage A1.

Harbor seals crowd this deck below a restaurant next to the Kayak Connection

Unperturbed, and absolutely unimpressed with me, they were

"You lookin' at ME?"

Getting territorial

You see this scene a lot on Elkhorn Slough

Proud if ungainly, pelicans have always intrigued me


Raising a beer to celebrate the day