Garrapata Beach - Jan 19, 2009

Well, this started out as a kayak trip. But Viktoria's tight time constraints had us changing our minds after pulling into the Kayak Connection at Moss Landing. Would've been fun, but I admit I was already a bit tired from a 42 mile bike trip on Saturday and a 14 mile brick on Sunday. So we did some beach explorations and artwork instead. Our next stop was Salinas State Beach, just a few miles south of Moss Landing. What a perfect beach for running! I've got to come back here for more sand run training. The sand quality and softness and consistency is much more to my liking than the beaches of Santa Cruz.

My hip resurfacing surgeon, Dr. Thomas Gross, is impressed with my athletic come-back progress in the past 18 months and wants a photo of me running. So I had Viktoria take some shots of me, hoping for the perfect shot. I must've gotten in a mile of sprints as we did take after take.

We each greet the morning... our own way

Running shot - Take #1


This one's the best of the lot

Viktoria couldn't resist buying a really beautiful coffee table book on rocks and minerals

The day evolved into a photo shoot, really. But that's fine - a rest day, and we had fun. Our next stop was Garrapata State Park south of Carmel - a place I'd never actually stopped to enjoy on my many drives along the Big Sur coast. I did a micro-lecture on the geology of this area, quite different than the Moss Landing beaches.

We found a very interesting tilted metamorphozed sedimentary rock... make our own.

Practicing her drawing...

...against a backdrop of monster waves

Viktoria, glams it up