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Here's how to pack your kayak for a kayak-camping expedition... in REI dry bags I've convinced myself that it really will all fit. With a bit of spare cubic inches here and there so I could stuff in e.g. wet weather clothing, a bit of extra food.... The one thing I haven't checked is how low in the water it would sit, as I've only packed it on my deck. I should definitely get a new spray skirt, as mine is old and starting to tear - not good when you're riding low in the water and there's waves. For my first-practice tour, a trip up Tomales Bay to a secluded beach, it should be fine, even in mid winter.

Wear-ables while paddling

Front Hatch - blue dry bag: clothes; REI down jacket in stuff sack,


Blue dry bag behind cockpit: Food and cooking gear. There's room for plenty, maybe up to 5 day's food if compact and dry

Brown dry bag: Patagonia GoreTex jacket, SCTC windbreaker, green fleece sweater

In yellow TexSport dry bag: down sleeping bag w/o stuff sack

Front Hatch Blue Dry Bag: polyester warm oversocks, REI down jacket, red SCTC cap,black RaceReady pants, blue thermals, red inflatable pillow, earplugs



To Wear:
* blue nylon paddling shorts, and Marmot nylon pants if cold
* bike gloves w/ black liners underneath
* black RaceReady mesh top
* blue/green cycling nylon jacket
* light red kayaking cap
* sunglasses
* old running shoes
* in sprayskirt: lumix camera in resealable sandwich bag, energy bars, tape recorder

Front Hatch in Blue 20 liter "summit to sea" Dry Bag: (there's room for a few more items)
* red REI jacket, in stuff sack, goes in first, at the bottom
* polyester fleece socks
* red SCTC fleece cap
* paperback book(s)
* silicone earplugs in small plastic case

Under ShockCords in Front
* tent, thermarest, in sack, opening facing cockpit
* water, lunch

Back Hatch (this one may be subject to some water, from where white tube emerges
* put in first - Brown dry bag: put in first and shove as far aft as possible
* put in second - Yellow Tex dry bag containing my down sleeping bag