My Swedish friend and former student, Maria, came in from Stockholm for a few days - to enjoy the California sun and her friends from years ago. Perfect! I'll take you kayaking Elkhorn Slough and we'll see sea otters, seals, pelicans, and lots of birds. It was a crystal clear Satuday morning, and I drove up to the hills above Branciforte to meet her at the beautiful spread where she was staying. After introductions to her horses, off we drove.

Maria, posing with my fine vehicle and kayak at The Kayak Connection in Moss Landing


Fat and happy on a Saturday morning

Our journey begins

I was surrounded by barking seals as we rounded the corner past the docks

Exploring a tidal channel, up towards the old homestead

Pelicans are such bizarre birds

Equally happy sleeping with their necks pointed forward, or 180 the other way.

Laurel and Hardy of the Pelican World

At the old homestead, we paused for a snack

More seals than you can shake a paddle at, on our explorations, all uniquely colored.

Maria photos a Great Blue Heron