This trip actually has no connection with astronomy or teaching whatsoever... but hey - it was an adventure and I want to preserve it in cyberspace. So here goes.

Steve Krueger, my long time UCLA Sierra Club friend, is a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Utah. We have been on many kayaking trips and I suggested this one as a good way to celebrate the end of the semester. After an unusually profitable stock trade early in the week, I went to Adventure Sports and finally bought my own kayak - a Perception Monterey. The plan was to stay at the hostel at Pt. Reyes, kayaking Tomales Bay on Saturday and then kayaking again on Sunday in Limantour estero below the hostel. During the days before the big weekend arrived, the weather predictions had deteriorated from "clear and dry" down to "20% chance of rain" a day before we left. Extrapolating the direction usually gives the best guess, and it looked grim. And it did in fact rain all weekend. So the photos below may be a bit....moody. The title photo above was taken by Steve; that's tiny me, just right of the little island in Limantour Estero.


At Blue Waters Kayak in Inverness

I'm looking forward to a great paddle...can't you tell?

Gulls at Johnson Oyster Farm on Drakes Estero.


I bought a dozen big ones fresh in the shell for a special dinner... Mark and Leanne from my UCLA days drove out to the hostel from Santa Rosa. I'm giving a clinic on the art of shucking fresh oysters here


New friends at the hostel discovering local wildlife. Definitely salamander weather, seen through a wet lens

Sunday morning at Drake's estero, a blue heron stakes out the prime fishing spot...

...later joined by a snowy egret. I saw the heron grab a half dozen fish while the egret got zilch.

Limantour estero was a beautiful labyrinth of channels and reeds to explore by kayak...

...on this dark and rainy afternoon

A bench of redwood burl overlooks the estero and Limantour sand spit