Christmas Kayaking - Dec 22-25, '07

At the end of a busy semester, and my first free weekend in a month - I needed a retreat away from civilization - to one of my favorite places, Pt. Reyes National Seashore and the hostel there. I packed my kayak, my first attempt to muscle my boat up on/off my car roof since my hip surgery. I arrived in time to do a hike, from near the hostel towards Coast trail camp. In the evening, I cooked, and then curled up on the couch near the fire and worked on my laptop and some photography projects. In the morning, I was up early, had a hearty breakfast, and then drove down to Limantour beach. It was the perfect tide for exploring - full moon and high tide at 10am. Sunday the 23rd I drove home.

My destination, with Pt. Reyes Headlands beyond.

A new friend helped me carry my 'yak down to the water.

Old pre-National Seashore fence relics

Kids enjoying the big dunes on Limantour Beach

Grading my Astro 8A papers on Limantour Beach

Christmas Day - a blessed day with the stock market closed and I was free to enjoy. My 'yak was still strapped to the roof, and I headed off w/ camera to try and capture the incredible winter wildlife on Elkhorn Slough; the largest estuary on the west coast and just a half hour from home. More photo's to come...