This was the last weekend before Cabrillo on-campus work began, and I still had not found the opportunity for my hoped- for 'epic' winter adventure. Well, this wasn't an 'epic' adventure, but it was a quite nice little adventure, with good friend Chris Kitting. I drove up early Sunday morning to Hayward, picked him up and his huge pile of marine ecology gizmos and gear - all in service of.... Big Science, of course! Two grad students we'd hoped would join us, couldn't. We arrived at Inverness at 10am and were in the water by 11am, in time to get another 2 hours of flood tide. This weekend we had a perigee at full moon in mid Winter, making this high tide unusually high. We took full advantage by paddling south towards the normally dry tidelands.


Glassy waters made for serene paddling

Heading south

This fine pelican patiently stood still as my drifting kayak approached and I snapped a dozen shots. Here, I check my pix.