Resources on Bone and Cartilage Health, and Hip Replacement

Pub Med - an excellent source of professional journal articles on any medical subject

Surfacehippy - Yahoo medical group for hip surfacing

Nutrition and bone metabolism

Corticosteroids and Bone Damage

Safe non-Drug Anti-Inflammatories

Surgeon Experience Crucial in Hip Resurfacing

Anatomy of the Hip Joint

Videos: BHR Surgery, and Another, and a Hemiarthroplasty revision to BHR , and Dr. Gross' Minimally Invasive Posterior Approach Surgery

Surgical Approach (posterior, anterior) in Hip Surgery

D. McMinn's site, Search here for link to a post-mortem on a cementless cap with good bone integration

Dental work and antibiotics for joint replacement patients

Metal Ions for Co-Cr on Co-Cr Hip Replacements Genotoxicity (2006)

Summary of Metal Ions for MoM Resurfacings Dangers as of 2001

My own assembled resource pages (my postings have grown somewhat chaotically, take your time!)

My Main Hip Surgery Medical Records Page


Drugs and Nutrition in Bone Health

Blood Supply to the Femoral Head and Hip Surgery

Surgeon Experience and Hip Surgery Success

Running vs. Cycling for Rebuilding Bone - an L.A. Times Article

My Hip Surgery Recovery Chronology

"Snapping" or "clunking" hip