Some Useful Specifications of our Gear

FOV calculator for CCD/Telescope Combinations

Grundig YB-P 2000 radio

PC164Cex2 Video Camera
Specs online
Walt Morgan's paper on video camera tests, including our own PC164Cex2 and PC164C
The FOV on our 10" LX200 is 15x11 arcmin with f/3.3 Meade reducer, same for PC164C

PC164C Video Camera
has a limiting magnitude I judge to be ~1.0 mag worse than the 164Cex2

Canon ZR45mc Video Camera - used as recorder for the PC cameras above, and also used in eyepiece projection for planetary photography

ST4000XCM on the 8" f/4 LX75 telescope has a 63.5' x 63.5' field. For C2A specs, use rectangle #1 and 0.8128m focal length and 15.2mm x 15.2mm active area of chip.

ST2000XCM : the 8" f/4 LX75 telescope, for C2A specs, rectangle #1 0.8128m focal length and 11.8 x 8.9mm or 50' x 37.7'. On the 12" LX200 scope with f/6.3 reducer , 21.5' x 16.2' FOV