Eastern Sierra Photo Workshop for San Francisco MeetUp

June 22-24, 2012

Dave Wyman had the opportunity to lead a nature photography workshop for a San Francisco MeetUp group, and asked if I could help. Sure! Love to, as always. I arrived mid afternoon on Saturday, caught up with the group at Lee Vining Canyon below Tioga Pass...

Big Bend Falls on Lee Vining Creek - frozen in time.

Pointing the camera a few feet away, and narrowing the aperture in order to lengthen the exposure, (and some software tricks) enabled giving the scene a sense of magic

Tunnel of Love?

Dave, shooting that big pipe with his little Lumix

Next stop was the June Lake loop. A beautiful grove of aspen on Silver Lake.

The sun backlighting trees on the high, ridge to the north

Renee, through aspen, photographing reflections on Silver Lake

Two red volcanic mountains, lit with golden afternoon light, reflecting off of Silver Lake, which itself was lit by a dark blue sky.

Sunset at Mono Lake, South Tufa Reserve.

If you look carefully, you'll see hundreds of brine shrimp in the green waters.

Leaves of Grass

This scene has the look, to me, of a watercolor come to life

Osprey, nesting on a pinnacle of tufa