Steinbeck Country - June 12-14, 2009

This is the second year I've explored with Dave Wyman the environs made famous by John Steinbeck. I notice this workshop, while it brings out my normal inspirations to celebrate natural beauty, also induces in me a perverse desire to hold a mirror to the foibles of human kind. We began at the Steinbeck Museum, walked to Steinbeck's home, and to his cemetary - all in Salinas. Then to Spreckles, and then to Big Sur for sunset scenes around Bixby Bridge. Ken Rockwell then gave a presentation at the pool of our hotel after dinner. Saturday, we were off to explore scenes at the old fishing wharf, Carmel Mission, and on up to the rural backways beyond Carmel Valley,


Vegetables are usually not considered hypnotic, except some amazing examples in Steinbeck's garden

A rather generic headstone at the cemetary of Steinbeck

Grave decorations - a whirler and plastic flowers

Myself, in a reflective moment

Old brick building in Spreckles, in late afternoon light filtered by the salt air

Bixby Bridge, a Big Sur icon

Fog, stratus, and cirrus all combined to make a magical sunset at Bixby Creek, Big Sur

Same, but composed and Photoshop'ed differently


U.S. Hwy #1

Mix it up - reds and blues

Ken Rockwell uses his prints to bring home the essentials of good photography to our assembled group at the motel pool

A moody rendering of a foggy Monterey morning

Fish please... Now!

This tough old bird waited patiently for the non-existent fishing fleet to come in

Morning workout, northern California style

Speaking of tough old birds - this gentleman was a shrimper out of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina took it all away. Migrated to Monterey just in time to watch the salmon fishery collapse.

A watery Wyman-esque abstract

A different interpretation

what must this be?





More images to follow, in the fullness of time...