Yosemite by Alternative Photography - Nov 16-20, 2011

Dave Wyman, Ken Rockwell, and Chuck Nadeau put together this change of pace photo workshop with the sole requirement for the participants - challenge your creativity by NOT using a digital SLR camera. Many chose film, some used iPhones or little Lumix pocket cameras. My Lumix is on the fritz, and I chose to use my old Minolta A1 (Wyman's old camera - used to make his first book "Backroads of Northern California"). It was a weekend of seasons - Summer on Friday, Fall on Saturday, and Winter on Sunday.


Maple leaves frame Midpines Creek

Early morning light, from Tunnel View

El Cap and Half Dome, rendered in classic black & white

First light on the nose of El Capitan

A visiting Brazilian model, using her iPad as a camera.

A photo of a photo of a photo of a beautiful scene



California's Lost Horizons

An abstract of color in the backyard of the Ahwanhee hotel


A dagger of light illuminates the face of El Capitan

Big Wall climbers on El Capitan. I played with the texture of the granite in Photoshop

Santa Cruz locals we met at the Wawona Giant Seqouia Grove

Twilight blue sky reflected in a pool

Our Most Revered Leader - A Photographic Giant among photogenic giants

Geometric study; interior of the Wawona covered bridge

Wawona Creek. I re-tuned a specialized Photoshop Action originally designed for astronomical images to bring out contrasting textures


The first light snow of the season fell on Sunday morning

Snow falling on trees clinging to the cliffs of Yosemite Valley. Rendered in soft textures

Our Team.

Hey, who invited the bear?



Here are some beautiful images from the other participants: Dave Wyman's gallery will no doubt show up on Dave's pBase gallery page soon.

Robert Kidd's excellent narrative webpage

Ken Rockwell's