Cultural Mirages: Route 66 and the Mojave Desert 2004

This was my second Route 66 photo trip. I learned from the 2003 version and came away with some different views. From the classic memorabilia of the Route 66 Motel - home base in Barstow - we explored Daggett and the historic Daggett garage and cemetary, then on to Ludlow for lunch, the old National Chloride bone yards on Searle Dry Lake south of Amboy, then Amboy at sunset before spending the night at the small motel in Ludlow. Sunday before dawn it was again off to Pisgah volcanic crater with its panoramic views and mining ruins. Then to the Bagdad Cafe in Newberry Springs and back to Barstow. All pictures were taken with a Minolta Dimage 5 digital camera, mostly at ISO 100, set to 'fine' and daylight white balance. I used Photoshop 7.0 to fine-tune the composition and the brightness and contrast. No color saturation enhancement was used.

Barstow's Route 66 Motel Office

Corvette - proudly waving above the motel

An original, lit by the Rt 66 sign

Through a Studebaker windshield

Birds over a Barstow sunrise

In rough North Barstow, some...

...desert Road Warriors...

...are apparently preparing...

...for an apocalyptic future.

Outside the Daggett garage

Reflections in an old TV

At the National Chloride Company...

Ominous iron mushrooms

Amoebic infestation?...

...or a close up of an aging window...

...on this classic Ford

Rusty bolts on an old hood

Colorful cans full of .... don't ask

Salt mining equipment

...and outside Amboy...

...sunset refracted through broken glass

Dave greets the sun above a lava tube ...

...and the crew explores the lunar landscape at Pisgah Crater

General Bob; a unique character at the Bagdad Cafe

Crouching Dave, hidden photo