Cultural Mirages: Route 66 and the Mojave Desert 2007

Day 3: Sunday - dead trucks, the old Harvey House, and the trip home

Sunday morning. Photo hunting continued amongst the dead and dying trucks in a vast yard out on the west edge of town, then at the Route 66 museum and Harvey House at the old train station. At this point, most of the group went south to the bottle house near Victorville, and I headed back towards Santa Cruz, stopping for some sunset pictures in the Bitterwater Valley and thunderstorm rainbows near San Miguel.

My stern and warped visage in a dirty chrome bumper

God knows what these scary things are

Harvey House copper lamp

Harvey House... has some pretty hard water

A 140 year old rifle at the museum

Late afternoon in the Bitterwater Valley

cattle, dwarfed by forming funnel clouds

Rainbow, grabbed on the shoulder of the Hwy 101 freeway, near Paso Robles

Sunset near San Miguel mission

A few miles further north, over the Big Sur Mountains


Day 1: Tom's Welding and sunset.

Day 2: The trip to Amboy.