Route 66: Cultural Mirages - Feb 6-8, 2009

This was our eighth pilgrimage to the Mojave and the remnants of Route 66 culture. Perhaps not coincidentally, our group of accomplished photographers were impressionable youngsters during the 1950's and the heyday of California's Route 66. It's made for an unusual bond between subject and object, and a facinating assembly of photographs. Winter weather provided dramatic variations in lighting for us.

First stop, was Tom's Welding, a last resting place for signage and desert odds'n'ends, as well as a craftsman and Barstow icon.

A one-handed grab shot out the window of my 70mph vehicle, near Kramer Junction, tweaked in Photoshop to make presentable



A desert Rorschach test, perhaps

Last color on ancient sun-bleached wagon wheels

Dead windmill

Time out, for a warm nuzzle from Tom's dog

Peeling paint on an old fence

The name of, (and commentary on?), a gritty town east of Amboy