ImageQuest Family Camping: Joshua Tree National Park

April '03

I came along with the 10" scope to show the families and kids the skies in this classic dark sky southern California location. Weather was challenging - strong winds and cold temperatures, and a bright moon. Clouds during the day were also a challenge for photographing the desert in it's best sunny colors. But I got a few interesting shots...

OK; not a spectacular photo, but I've got a very similar photo of me and my high school astronomy club on a trip out to this same exact spot with this same peak in the background in 1969.

Cactus flowers were in full force this spring; a record long spell of rain made for the most spectacular flower display in 20 years in Southern California, including Hidden Valley here in Joshua Tree.







A noon hike brought us to an ancient Indian pictograph site. The kids couldn't resist climbing into the mini cave to see the art work up close.




Climbers doing some bouldering on the tough, big-crystal'd granite of J-Tree.