ImageQuest Family Camping - Memorial Day Weekend 2005 at Montana de Oro State Park

I joined Dave Wyman's family camping trip, bringing along my 8" Meade telescope and solar filter to show the kids the sky. Good company, great kids, dark skies, excellent meals, and lots of fun all around.

Through the cypress at the Visitor's Center

Sunset behind a thicket of thistle in bloom...

...and here backed by ochre clouds

The docent prepares us for our walk to Coralina Cove

"Look how pretty!"

At Coralina Cove, crabs 'n kids

Lily liked hunting for hermit crabs...

...and finding the prettiest sea shells

Starlet and budding starlet

Lurking rock crabs

Emily and her bro' finding the absolute best rocks on a top quality rocky beach

Scoping sea otters playing in the waves

Margaret and daughter Emily play Crazy 8's. One look at Emily says Mom must be winning...

Lots of excellent food, but alas - Lily goes for the white bread and peanut butter

Emily, sucked in by Dave's fake snake gag

Our chief cook, Carlos assembles a memorable vegetable medly

There's plenty of frolic time for the kids

Dave leads a bike ride to the cliffs to watch...

...a beautiful sunset

Lily and Matt inhale too many 'smores

Charlotte and Lily oblige and climb a tree for their parting close up, just before we bid our farewell's on Monday