ImageQuest Family Camping - Memorial Day Weekend at Montana de Oro State Park

May 26-28, 2007

Dave, Carlos, Eric and I were crew for another fun weekend with kids galore. We had foggy weather, and so no astronomy got done. But I did tell a scary story around the campfire, about the killer asteroid Apophis which may make a big mess of things in May of 2037. (OK, the odds are tiny that we'll get smacked, but it does make a great story)

Ella and her colorful baseball glove joined us from a neighbor's campsite

Briney at bat

Adam and his sisters put on a puppet show for us


...and dolls, oh my!

Taking a bow

...when flamingos attack...

Bas'getti pleaze... hold the sauce, hold the fish

Lucky Charm'ed...

...into satori

Bobo gets some love

Manny Moe and Curly Joe?

Ella and Cole






Stay tuned as I slowly add more from my weekend harvest of photos...