ImageQuest Family Camping - Montana de Oro State Park

Labor Day Weekend 2005

Dave, Kathy, Carlos, Sam, and Jessica again put together a fun weekend at what has to be the most photogenic beaches of California. Sandstone formations tilted into dramatic shapes by faults and ancient volcanos have been eroded into beaches of perfect "skipper" rocks, coves of blue water, and clean mountain streams from the San Luis Range of mountains. I arrived late Saturday under foggy skies. Saturday was cool, but the sun poked through mid day as we were hiking the ridge trail. Later I did a short swim, exploring the wildlife below the kelp beds and enjoying pulling myself hand over hand down the kelp stems to their holdfasts on the ocean bottom.

Plenty of kids, all in good spirits, and so I got to play a bit of a Dad-for-a-day again. Dave christened me the official documentarian and the photos below were shown at the evening slide show in the amphitheater.

Eggs 'n hash browns for breakfast

...on the ridge trail

"I got a rock"

Carlos pours some gorp for Rachel

...striking a pose, gorp in hand

kids have amazing close-up vision


Some like gorp, and some prefer a warm thumb


At Coralina Cove

Dave and I have photographed this same brilliant green anenome for years - It oughta have an agent!


Waiting for dinner