Labor Day Family Camping Trip

Sept 2-4, 2006

Dave Wyman and crew put together another great trip, this time for about 50 people. I joined the group mostly to show them the stars. Alas, coastal fog came in right after sunset both nights. However, I also was out and about with camera in hand to capture some special moments for the Saturday night campfire slide show, and to post here.

Sunset through the cypress trees at the visitor's center

...and through the hemlock on the hill overlooking the beach

An old fashioned marshmallow roast. My advice to the kids - the healthiest plan is to watch 'em burn to oblivion!

Next morning - Mary loads up on "Joe's Special mix" and eggs

Mark wore one of the biggest grins, especially on his hot new bike...

...and here's a close runner-up.

The ranger demonstrates to the kids how to take castings of animal tracks. Wish we could've used such evidence to i.d. the big fat racoon who ripped off our chocolate and bananas the night before.

plaster is fun!

showing off those braids

...and some noveu fashion make-up

Stars of the new indy film "My Bad Dad" had plenty of 'tude

...plenty of 'tude!

Our favorite Giant Green Sea Anenome - incredibly deeper colored than any other anenome here. We've been photographing this same individual every year for some time now.

A rock-skipping contest... on the best rock-skipper beach ever

Hawaiian-shirted Dave finds a sea otter in his scope

Paige, perfecting her rock skipping technique

This colorful pseudopod...

...was even more amazing on the flip side.

Paige folds - Texas Hold'em isn't her game

Chez Nolthenius and some happy campers

Glow sticks were cracked around the campfire, and choreographed to good effect

A scary gopher haunted the cooking area. Badly in need of a prescription-strength tooth whitening treatment

The layered sandstone rocks, tumbled and polished by the sea, produced amazing pebbles if you looked closely


The most special part of this weekend for me was making friends with little 4 year-old Ceceilia. Such a sweetheart! We had a bazillion pretend trips - to Chicago on a plane, to school, to buy shoes - and she got to be the Mom and order me - the kid - around a bit in the passenger seat while she (pretend of course!) drove my RAV4. I've made a special page for her. Thank you, Cecielia, for being my friend this weekend! Now, I took the spelling of your name from the "Cecielia" you spelled on the dusty back window of my car, so if it's not right - just let me know.


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