ImageQuest - Family Camping at Sequoia National Monument

May 2003

Dave, Carlos, and the gang arranged for us to stay at Redwood campground. We marvelled at the humongous trees in the "Trail of a 100 Giants", explored Dome Rock, hiked through meadows of frogs and flowers, and roasted marshmallows and 'smores around the campfire. In the evening, I brought out the 10" scope and showed the kids the stars and planets. It was a memorable trip...


Evening explorations

That's me wedged in that sequoia

Plenty of room left inside this tree for more kids



Roasting marshmallows is clearly...

...serious business



A weathered corral in the nearby meadow


The red Patagonia jacket...

...made me a popular model

The Kern Canyon from Dome Rock

The old California Hot Springs resort is a few miles down the mountain.

We all love climbing inside a sequoia!