The Cabrillo Astronomy Club


The Cabrillo Astronomy Club is affectionately known as RCASS (Royal Cabrillo Astronomical Stargazing Society). It's an informal group of friends and supporters of Cabrillo Astronomy. We hold star parties at the observatory, open to the general public, and help show students the stars and galaxies with our telescopes during the Astro 27 and Astro 28 field classes. RCASS has been an essential incredient in providing volunteer efforts which have kept our observatory in good working order. We have some very handy people in our group - Tommy's a former building's tradesman and is now working in the wireless industry doing design, Karl - president of the club - is a former professional furniture maker, designed and built the home he and his family live in, starting with felling and milling the redwoods. Allen and Jay are IT professionals and have provided key donations and expertise in keeping the computers at the observatory working.

From left to right in the photo is: Karl, Charlie, Tammy, Jim, Garth, Karla, Chris C., me (Rick, in my ubiquitus "Route 66" yellow cap), Shahram, Chris A., and Shirley.

Public evening star parties have been on hold since the observatory was displaced to make way for the Horticulture complex. Our old location on the hill in back of Horticulture wasnot suitable for holding public evenings. In June '03 the observatory was moved to a darker, more private and remote location at the end of Well Road. Eventually we plan to have public star parties once again.

As an informal group, all that is required for you to consider yourself an RCASS member is to ask me to put you on the email distribution list. I've set up a distribution on the popular majordomo facility so that only I can mail to the distribution. You needn't worry about getting flooded with chatter. I send out e-messages once or twice a month on news related to Cabrillo Astronomy, upcoming events, grazes, asteroid occultations, comets etc. If you want to joint the list, email me at rinolthe at