Ferrell put this one on the schedule - a 10 mile hilly run on a mixture of bike trails and single-track. I worried my left psoas was not quite ready, but you know me - I'm game. The setting was quite scenic - a hilly ridge at the top of Tilden Park, with panoramic views of the SF Bay, and also east all the way past Mt. Diablo. Turns out Diane and Nancy were also going to do it, on their way to some sort of medieval costume thing in Sausalito? So, yes - sounds like a fun event. Some stress in getting there. No map, poor directions from the race materials, curvy mtn roads. But we got there just in time so no worries...

Rick picked me up at Pasatiempo at 5am. Breakfast wasn't adequate so...

Breakfast on the road, at McDonalds (yikes. desperation time)

Ferrell... must eat more. More bananas...

"...gently rolling hills..." Yeah.

Diane, Nancy, and I started towards the back, given the narrow bike trail

Spring was fully sprung; lupine, poppies, full lakes, and green everywhere. Nice compensation for my pains

I felt like a shadow of myself. Hip was hurtin'!

Ferrell did well, as usual. We passed in opposite directions about a mile from the turnaround

Beautiful, but steep.

Maybe not THIS steep; a grab shot from the hip. That's Diane in front, Nancy just coming into the frame.

Team Awesome


Yikes, took me 2:10:02 to do the 10 miles. Left psoas pretty inflamed. It took me a week to get past it and resume my running.