Ferrell's annual birthday Half Marathon, this year was going to be a drive-to rather than an o'rnighter at somewhere farther afield. The choice was - the Redwood City Half Marathon. It had an attractive sounding course description; miles of trails long the tidal lands in peaceful countryside. Rick picked me up at Pasatiempo before dawn and in the dark we drove through the fog and mist to the Bay and up to the start.


Some pre-race stretching

I start near the back, fearing my left psoas will act up.

The dawn light reflects clouds in a tidal pool

A nice surprise; seeing Tisch and other SCTCr's who are also doing the race. They're running me down...

The actual course did have a few nice miles through the marshlands, but too much was in the city and right along the 101 freeway, for miles. Good to do a new race somewhere I'd not been, but not a race I'll plan to come back to.

I snapped a quick shot of some dramatic lighting and reflections just after sunrise.

Volunteers just before the turn around were having a great ime

Tisch and the gang coming back. It was an out/back course.

My hip was definitely hurting on the way back in, but I was at least able to keep running. My mental goal was to beat 2:40, which I barely did: 2:39:58. Ferrell did well, in 1:46