One of the Santa Cruz Track Club's gifts to the community the weekend before T-day, and always fun to join as a volunteer and hang with friends. This year, even with nursing an over-extended hip, I was seduced into trying to run it, settling for 5k of the 10K distance, getting back in time to photo friends as they finished

I locked my door, and turned around before heading down the stairs to get my bike... and saw a glorious sunrise

Nancy looked good enough to eat!

More turkey-heads, doing race registrations

There was a kid's 1k as well.

Diane, with Dave, Kat, and Ferrell

Horizontal stripes are back!

This guy CRUSHED the little kids in the Kidz Race, taking home an armload of goodies

Shy, but fast. Hardware to prove it









Time for the 10K. Diane barks out instructions

Rick comes in just under 46 minutes. On target








Rich Robinson, Ferrell's nemesis on the Triathlon circuit

Jeff and Kevan get some podium time









Ageless Katherine Beiers, yet more hardware!