Yes, it's an annual tradition, but this year my psoas strain had me almost deciding to bail out. In the end, I joined Ferrell, and made the best of it. Rick had a good 10K, I had a painful 5K walk. Oh well.

The de rigor thermometer shot

Sunrise on the drive past Watsonville,, from moving car, and fuzzy, and so rescued by rendering as a watercolor

Ferrell picks up his number, and T-shirt at the Rio Grill in Carmel


This year I didn't grab any shots during the actual run; I was too focused on my inflammed psoas. So, here's the post-race look at the results. Rick just barely missed placing, getting 4th. .

Race Results - Rick was 27th overall, and 4th in his age group. A solid 46 minutes on a very hilly winding course. Congratulations! My 5K was - forgetable; a struggle.