Rick decided this spring to aim for just a 10K race, given my psoas injury and perhaps his own schedule, rather than the usual half marathon. The choice was a local race - the Morgan Hill 10K. A nice surprise was to run into Dave Slothower during the race! He's been doing this race almost every year for 20 odd years, turns out. I'd found that hard roller work breaking up fascia tightness, combined with adductor/abductor work in the gym, had helped me recover from my injury pretty well. Alas, a very busy March had me slacking on this, and I'd just done some short beach runs and not done roller work for well over a week. Also, the day before, a 56 mile training ride with 4,400 ft of climbing. So, I wasn't fresh and loose, for sure. A mistake...

This is what I SHOULD have been doing all the previous week or so. Ferrell, doing a quick roller session in the parking lot

The course was flat, lots of turns through rural orchards and a few stretches with houses. Weather was cloudy and cool.

Slothower won his age group in the 5K. Hardware!











Good work, Dave!

Road Warriors - Team Awesome! We've been running races for 30 years now. Great to spend another weekend with Rick and Dave.