The Mt Diablo Challenge, on which I've had great rides in the past... today it went to the Devil. My just-arrived new cycling shoes were pinching on my right side, and I worried that my foot (feet?) would be thrashed after hard pressure for 4,000 ft of climbing, and so I back-off and put on my old Diadora's, one of which was literally held together only by a tec screw. Big mistake!

Dawn, on the road again - hoping for a great day! Hopes to be DASHED

Ferrell, pondering his stuff. What am I forgetting? Actually, it's good to go through in your mind the entire race day and make sure you're fully equipped

My bike... didn't let me down (my shoes did)

3 miles from the race start, about to head off

One of the early wave starts

After photo'ing the early wave start and clipping in to cycle around the lot a bit... the screw broke through the plastic. And... that was that. I didn't trust it to push up the mountain, and it was too late to ride back the 3 miles to the car and get my new shoes (and Rick has just wave-started up the mountain with keys anyway). So.... now suddenly I had a couple of hours to kill. I gingerly held my shoe clipped in, and decided I'd do an easy bike along Walnut Creek / San Ramon roads till I figured Ferrell was back down off the mountain. Got in 20 miles, might have gotten in a couple more but somehow on the bike path under the power lines, a wave of 10k runners and walkers were on top of me and I had to sit it out till they all passed. Anyway, an anti-climactic Mt Diablo Challenge for me. Rick did OK, and Scott Martin was along for the fun too. Eventually, I cut out a custom insert, tweeked the angle on my cleat mount, and it's all OK.


Race over, I'm still steamed, back at the car

Rick and Scott were all smiles, however