Rick and I, usually celebrate his birthday with doing a half marathon close to Oct 31. This year, we were both only up for a 10K. Rather than the o'ver nighter's we've done in the past to Santa Rosa, to Auburn, etc... we just settled for a morning quick trip to Hellyer Park in San Jose. I've been feeling pretty good in my running. Getting in 3, 4, or 5 miles every day for the past 2 weeks except for a couple of rest days. I had high hopes I could do a sub-60 minute 10K for the first time in several years. Ferrell wasn't doing enough long miles to make a half marathon a good idea. Me neither, although I'd have given it a go if that was the call.

We tried to plan a bike/run adventure out of this, with my car to be parked at Lexington... but a late schedule change scotched that. As it was, a short trip to Performance Bike Shop after the race was all we got in. I had a ton of work still to do on climate teaching materials and so this was my only exercise this weekend.

Rick and I ran together around the lake as a warm-up, then Rick reversed and did another lap

He ran into the oncoming Half Marathoners a few minutes later, on his return around the lake

The 10K start

My hip was just starting to hurt, here at mile 2.6, passing Ferrell having hit the turnaround up ahead. The next mile was hard, and the last 3 miles was very painful, as my bursa became inflamed.

Ferrell dueled with these two young ladies for several miles before pulling away. Came in at 44 min.

I came in at 67min, having to walk during stretches of last 2 miles, very painful, trying to keep up a sub 60 pace.