This year, time was tight, and the Low Key Hill Climb Series is no longer..., and so it was decided that I'd drive myself, get a start at 7:30am, and meet Rick Ferrell and Scott Martin at Lick Observatory at the top, then we could ride down together, get some post-ride eats, and continue on to our respective Thanksgiving celebrations. Weather was perfect; clear and no wind and cool, suitable for the many miles of hard climbing.

At the foot of Mt Hamilton Road and Alum Rock - the traditional starting point of the 19 mile climb to the summit

San Jose haze below

Oaks were in full fall color glory. I tried snapping some shots as I pedalled hard

It's a popular ride, especially on Thanksgiving morning

Now almost halfway up the 3rd and final climb, the domes come into view

Looking south, towards Loma Prieta Peak, tallest in the Santa Cruz Mtns at 3800 ft

On the straight-away, with all telescope domes along the ridgetop now visible; the 120" Shane telescope is at right

The turnoff to the 36" and 40" main building

ye olde Dining Hall for the astronomers

Great morning, great view!

10 minutes later, Rick and Scott arrive and we get our trio shot

Can't head down without getting my selfie with "Lick Observatory" inscribed on the background

Scott and Rick, with the 40" Nickel Telescope in the background

Antsy to head down now...

42 miles and 5,000 ft of climbing - re-fueling at the local Subway is serious business, as you can tell by our expressions!