Rick Ferrell's been battling a tissue tear in his little toe for a couple of months, and was yes/no/yes/no/yes on doing this race - the final desicion happening at 6:30am when he texted me. So, "Once more into the breach, dear friend" (that's Shakespeare, for you folks). I wasn't at all sure I could do a 10K w/o psoas irritation, but the rest of me felt fine and I figured it'd be fun even if I had to cut it to a 5K, which is what happened.

We were on the road by sunrise

Out of the car, and stretching, we ran into Salvadore

My psoas - oy. I had to take the left turn in Carmel and opt for the 5K

I didn't see the guy who carries the full size American flag this time, for the first time in, maybe in memory. But I did see these cool flag pants at the finish

Ferrell was predicting a slow 10K, but he came in just 2 min behind last year, despite being under-trained

Always fun to meet friends at this local race. Kyle had a good finish

And Skip, who's been doing triathlons for as long as Ferrell and I; like 33 years or so

And Sue!