Bonny Doon by Bike

Jan 14, 2012

Diane emailed to the usual suspects - Meet 8:30am at Kelly's, we'll ride out Hwy 1, climb Bonny Doon Rd, and we'll either go down into Felton, or down Empire Grade. Sounds like fun! I could use a good lung-buster at this point in my comeback. The turnout was Diane, Joyce, Jim (aka Jimbo!), Paul, and me. Jimbo pushed it on Hwy 1, where we set up a pace line. At BD Rd it was everyone for themselves on the 10-14% grades going up. I hadn't done BD Rd for a long time, and was pleased that I felt OK going up; no flaming thighs or other bad signs. At the top of Pine Flat, we took some pix, stretched, and I decided we'd go straight down Empire Grade. Back at Kelly's we had lunch, and I rode back to my place where I drove my bike out to Cabrillo and then drove to Dave and Di's to watch the 49er playoff against New Orleans (an amazingly exciting 4th Q!)

41 miles, 3423 ft of climbing fun!

Paul, Joyce, and our self-portrait'er - me!