The California International Triathlon

June 28, 2015

Pleasanton, CA


Our wave went off at 6:59am (!). So the alarm was set for 4am. Yikes. We rendezvous'd at Pasatiempo and headed off into the dark

Have I ever told you how BEAUTIFUL my classic Serotta is? (heavy, but beautiful)

Ferrell hammers down a pre-race burrito. I had my usual banana + cocoa powerd + MetRx smoothie

Words of encouragement for a noble competitor...

Last stuff into the gear bag, and let's get this race going.

The swim was in Shadow Cliffs Lake, an old gravel quarry, fed by groundwater. It wasn't much lowered by the drought.

Water temp was 75F, almost too warm for a hard swim in a wetsuit.

I got out of the water, peeled the wetsuit, got on the bike, and up the hill out of the park Ferrell passed me after we got onto the boulevard

The race venue was quite nice! Smooth paved streets, cones to set off from traffic, which was minimal this early in the morning, good directions ....

...and much of the bike course was in the hills north of Pleasanton

The 10K run was 2 loops along hiking trails around the park

Finishing loop 1. at which point my camera battery went kaput. End of show!

An enjoyable race! Well, except the run was painful, as usual, on my left psoas. But not quite as painful as Monte Rio last month. I'm doing more strengthening/stretching this summer.

Transition 1
Transition 2
Age Grp Place
Age Group
Rick Ferrell
2nd out of 15
Rick Nolthenius
7th ouf of 10

My swim time is when I got out of the water. It was about another 20-25 seconds to get to the timing mat, but I made a right turn at the top of the rug runway instead of the left to the timing mat, since my unofficial transition was in the picnic area. So in fact, Ferrell and I probably got out of the water very close. I did look but didn't see him ahead of me as I was running up the rug. Also, his bike timing mat start was about 20 yards before mine. I biked up the switchbacks out of the park and onto the boulevard, which was when he passed me.

I was #1 in the swim in my age group, by 32 seconds (well, maybe 5-10 seconds if you include the mat position). If we'd ended the race right there, I'd have some hardware! Congratulations to Ferrell for another outstanding race, and another podium moment.

Dave Slothower did the sprint race, and won(?) his age group, although the results aren't online. Congratulations to The Sloth as well!