The Chico Wildflower Century Ride

Apr 28, 2013

This ride has become a favorite of Chico State alumni, including Dave Wyman, and a couple of Diane Delucchi's friends at Lockheed. Dave sold me on this beautiful ride several years back, and I have done it each year since. Last year, I drove up and rode with the Delucchi posse. This year, I planned to drive up with Dave, Silas, and Dan and hopefully cross paths with the Delucchi gang during the adventure. But Silas had a salmon fishing obligation and Dave's SUV died, and Nancy and Jim had pet health probems. So, I hitched a ride with the Lockheed group - John and Sue, Dave and Diane, "brother Paul" and I packed ourselves into the classic Suburban early Saturday morning, and we caravanned on up to Chico...

Dan's video of part of the ride up the Honeyrun to Paradise